custom wargame experience

Not all wargame events are the same. Different game modes and equipment can vastly change the way you experience the game, and everyone has their own individual preferences.

Through our years of experience playing wargame, we’ve found that the most entertaining and memorable games are those customized to exactly what you find fun.


When booking a custom CQB game session with War Zone, you get to choose between a range of different powered equipment.

Discuss with your group and find out which suits your playstyle the most and let us know. Learn more about our different offerings.

game modes

Different custom wargame modes change the way you play the game and change the way you move around our map.

Whatever the core objective of the custom game mode, your underlying wargame skills will always reward you. Learn more about our different game modes.


Wargame is seriously fun… but it also takes a lot of energy to play competitively. That’s why we make it a point to ensure that, should you need them, catering services are available and easy to organize.

We work with top-quality catering companies and can easily accommodate any dietary requirements in your group.

you can also customize...

Opening Hours and Public Sessions.