Introducing Red Zone

Red Zone is a pop-up wargame field located in Megabox on Level 13. It’s the first field to be located in a mall in HK.

What we offer

Red Zone features west world themed and wonderland themed gaming areas, and professional staff for your unforgettable and exciting customer experience.

With four offerings (Airsoft, Gel Blasters, and Nerf) and countless game modes, we are the perfect location for all sorts of events, team building solutions, family activities that are kids-friendly and gatherings!

Our Game Zones

Red Zone features two main game zones – West World and Wonderland. Each game zone is 10,000 sqft large and inspired by different elements from old west movies to magical forests and mystical creatures.

Our Team

Red Zone is run by a team of airsoft and coaching experts who wish to expand and explore the industry. Our specialists include international champions, interior designers, airsoft experts, career coaches, professional photographers and native English speakers.

our zones family

We are a branch under the War Zone / Tact Zone / Landing Zone / Red Zone / X-Zone family!

We're under construction! Red Zone 2.0 shall be reopened on May 1st on L13, MegaBox.