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Red Zone is one of the newest indoor wargaming CQB venue in Hong Kong, conveniently located in MegaBox on Level 13. As the newest and most immersive square feet venue of its type, providing ample space for thrilling combat experiences.

What We Offer

From Various Equipment and Game Modes to An Experience tailored to you

Red Zone features Dystopia themed and Utopia themed gaming areas, and professional staff for your unforgettable and exciting customer experience.
With various offerings (Airsoft, Gel Blasters, and Nerf) and countless game modes, we are the perfect location for all sorts of events, team building solutions, family activities that are kids-friendly and gatherings!


A futuristic-themed wargaming arena where vibrant colors and innovative design create an immersive atmosphere for thrilling battles and strategic gameplay.
Coming soon…
A cyberpunk-inspired wargaming arena where gritty, neon-lit streets set the stage for intense battles and strategic showdowns. Immerse yourself in a dystopian future where technology meets chaos, offering an electrifying atmosphere for competitive gameplay.


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Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask us anything – our team is here to help you every step of the way.”
Send us a message via WhatsApp at 21529669 with your questions or booking details.

Meet the Team

Behind the Scenes: Meet Our Dynamic Team

Red Zone is run by a team of airsoft and coaching experts who wish to expand and explore the industry. Our specialists include international champions, interior designers, airsoft experts, career coaches, professional photographers and native English speakers.

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Over 400 organizations have experienced the thrill of Red Zone’s immersive wargaming adventures.

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Our Zones Family

We are a branch under the War Zone / Tact Zone / Red Zone
/ Landing Zone / X-Zone family.

Notice: "Airsoft" bookings for Red Zone has been suspended until further notice.